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Patiala School for the Deaf and Blind

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Contact the principal Dr Renu : +91 9815273225. +91 9780043893 for donations to the school and to sponsor a child.

I have been volunteering and getting to know the children at the school every time I’m in the city. Here I talk about the most memorable interactions I’ve had at the school. The school was established in 1967 and has a chequered history of 50 years. The school is run entirely by donations. One can sponsor a child for the entire year for about twenty thousand rupees.

It was a wonderful experience getting you know the students and their stories. The school is a tight nit community with a lot of love and it is evident the children are happy. The principals attendant, who himself is deaf, does a wonderful job of making a new student feel right at home. He takes the new comer around the school, introduces them to everyone and makes sure they feel part of the community.

Contact the principal Dr Renu : +91 9815273225. +91 9780043893 for donations to the school.

Fun map made by the students at the school!

Couple of the younger kids had exams going on.

I also met Busen and Zeynep from Morocco and Turkey. They were volunteering at the school as part of AIESEC. Many students from all around the world volunteer at the school and help the children. They learn sign language, braille and even speech therapy so that they can communicate, understand and teach the children.

I spent time with a few students getting to know them and their struggles. There is a lot of positivity in the school where many kids have overcome great adversity and today are confident, happy young individuals.

Reading braille!

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